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  • “Is chiropractic safe for children?”
    Yes absolutely! There are many health benefits of starting Chiropractic care at a young age. Of course, we don’t adjust children the same way we do adults. We use light force to move the restriction of the spine instead.
  • “Once you go to a chiropractor, do you have to keep going?”"
    Once a patient goes to chiropractor, many WANT to keep going to receive the benefits after the plan of care. Ultimately the benefits of routine chiropractic care have shown many health benefits. To me Chiropractic care is just as important overall health as stretching and exercising.
  • “Is popping your own back/neck ok?”
    Although you get some temporary relief in the area, usually the urge to “pop your own spine” is your body’s way of telling you something’s stuck. However, without a specific adjustment to the right segment patients will continue to want to pop their own neck. That’s why people who “pop” their necks usually do it often and eventually make a habit of it. Popping your own neck can lead to other segments getting stuck and can lead to more problems in the future.
  • “What adjusting techniques do you use?”
    There are many great techniques chiropractors use to correct subluxations of the spine. However, some of my favorites are Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead and Activator. I always try to accommodate my adjustments to better serve my patients.
  • “What are some of the health benefits of Chiropractic Care?”
    It depends, on where the restricted segment is causing the nerve interference and how long it’s been there. That being said, the most common benefits include. Increased Range of Motion. Decreased frequency of headaches. Decreased musculoskeletal pain. Better rest at night. Less risk of Re-injury. Stability of the spine.
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